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Nanomagnets for Data Storage

Prof. Copéret and an international team of researchers are developing a new method of storing data in single-molecule magnets using the magnetization of dysprosium atoms. Their findings could lead to devices with yet unacheived storage capacity. Read more 


A DNA test for Gemstones

ETH Spin-off Healixa developed a new tagging procedure for gemstones. This DNA-based technology enables consumers to know where their jewelry comes from. The tagging is a nanotechnology-based proof of origin that opens up new possibilities for mapping other natural resources as well. Read more 


Prof. Kovalenko's research under the Top 5 at the 2017 Spark Award

Wtih a new energy storage technology, the team of Prof. Kovalenko reached the top 5 finalists for the Spark Award 2017. They created anew technolog using graphite flakes as cathode material in rechargeable aluminium chloride-graphite batteries. Read more 

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